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I have had the opportunity to partner with The Learning Key on a few projects when I needed support with the roll-out of training related to specific projects. I have found their consultants to have the expertise in relation to the design and development of educational materials and the delivery of learning activities. I have been pleased with the product that they provided. They have always met the timelines agreed at the beginning of the project and have delivered to the budget. I would be happy to recommend them.

What a pleasure it has been to partner with The Learning Key on multiple occasions. The obvious stands out…experts in techniques and process… but more importantly, they are truly partners… they want you to experience a successful outcome. Their consultants are flexible and open to feedback…. They do not practice a cookie-cutter approach, which obviously creates a better outcome. I catch myself looking for opportunities to engage The Learning Key for I know their partnership will create a better outcome for me.

I was impressed by how well you listened and understood our needs. It really showed in the training The Learning Key designed for us. Thank you!

This game is awesome.

I didn’t think a learning game would be fun too.

If school was like this, I would have stayed. I actually learned and had fun.

… this should be incorporated in any school curriculum, so kids understand how to handle their budget and that there are consequences if you don't pay your mortgage, credit card payment or even your utilities.

WiseMoney … is an even better team game, allowing multiple players to decide on a consensus answer, avoiding embarrassment to an individual player, who may not know what many consider an "obvious" answer.

“This is an amazing game that everyone should play or get !!  Some of the questions may be too hard for even your Teen, but I know the more you go over it the faster they learn it and will remember … My Tween even took this game to school during their Money Crash Course and it took me almost 3 weeks to get the game back, his teacher loved it.”

“Playing this simple game will help bring up situations and questions that you may have never dreamed about asking your teenager!”

We LOVE this game, this is a wonderful tool, use it. Make a family game night out of it once a month and your kids will learn through play how to be Wise with their money when they grow up.

“… my 10 year old grandson grabbed the concept of the game very easily. He loves playing it with us and explaining it to his younger brother.”

Interpra Cards are a great tool to use with any group. I have used them as a jumping-off point for a difficult conversation, as a warm-up for a training program, and as a way to take a break with a work group. They are useful in many organizations: for-profit, non-profit, faith-based, educations with large or small groups.

I have used the Learning Key’s Communication/Negotiation Interpra cards during my weekly President’s Club and have found them to be a tremendous tool in the ‘knowing to learning to owning process’.

Each time we’ve offered (it)… I’ve received some great feedback about The Pharm Game. Attendees thought it was an interesting way to learn about the process and have fun while doing so. I’ve played the game myself and gained a great deal of insight and respect for how various events and entities can either speed up or slow down the process. I also saw how involved the process was.

We were most satisfied with the training and believe that our team benefited greatly from the interactive style of the session. The hands-on simulation to manage their own projects from beginning to end … was very beneficial to all. Thank you for a very effective program!