About Us


The value The Learning Key® brings to its clients stems from the quality, experience, creativity, and credentials of our associates. We bring expertise from diverse backgrounds in design, operations, research and development, manufacturing, graphic arts, statistics and other front line experience.

Our services are built on personal experience from direct employment and consulting in business environments, including pharmaceutical, healthcare, aerospace, electronics, chemical, banking, consumer products, diagnostics, silicon/computer industries, national laboratories and academia.

Elizabeth N. Treher, Ph.D.

After leaving a career in chemical research and development, Liz consulted to global technology-based industries, with a focus on strategic planning, project management consulting, training, and learning tool design. Liz has designed numerous team-based simulations and games, including The PHARM Game®GMPWorks®, and Strategic Partnering and has coached many executives in key organizational positions.  

She has held research management and project leader positions in industry, government, and academia and has more than 80 publications and patents. She led the startup design, development, and delivery of the broad and innovative training curriculum of Squibb College, a corporate university which served 22,000 employees. In her role leading organizational development and training for the research institute at Bristol-Myers Squibb Company, she created the Center for Science Education.  Earlier roles included teaching chemistry and a variety of basic research positions. Liz was also an invited member of the first U.S. delegation to China for education and training. 


Since our transition away from our corporate headquarters of more than twenty years to that of a virtual company based in northern Minnesota, we rely on associates and the special talents and competence they provide. Many of these associates have worked with us for ten years or more and help us provide clients with exactly the right knowledge and skills for their projects.