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When we began The Learning Key in 1991, with the goal of incorporating interactive learning activities and games into training programs, virtually no one was designing or advocating serious games for adult learning. Proposing anything called a “game” was not well received in most corporate settings. Fortunately, times have changed. Many organizations today recognize the effectiveness and power of face-to-face learning games. Our first board game, The PHARM Game®, proved so successful we still update it regularly. Research at a major university (see case study) showed The PHARM Game® provided  better retention and more enjoyment than any other teaching tool used. We initially developed our Play for Performance® products to incorporate into the training programs we designed and delivered. We now offer many of those products for our clients to use themselves for their own needs and applications.

Here you will find: team-based games, simulations, facilitation tools, books, and ready-to-use programs. If you don’t see a product that fits your needs, let’s talk. Our graphic designers, writers, editors, game design experts, and cartoonists will put their talents and proven record of achievement to work designing a solution just for you.

Game-based learning is an extraordinary, powerful strategy with an infinite number of applications. To discuss your needs in detail, call 215-534-3363, or email us at


The Pharm Game(R)

The PHARM Game®

The PHARM Game® is a proven learning tool to teach novice and experienced employees about pharmaceutical drug discovery and development. Employees and contractors in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries often have a limited perspective of the complexity of the pharmaceutical business. The PHARM Game is an effective and entertaining way to learn new information and reinforce current knowledge. Updated annually. 

The Pharm Game(R) 2

The PHARM Game® 2

The PHARM Game 2  is a modified version of the first PHARM Game for clients who want to answer questions about a subject when that topic appears in the drug development process. The board is a 36" x 36" square.

Game Board


WiseMoney is a team-based board game to facilitate learning about basic money management. Topics include budgeting and payday, financial responsibility, financing and credit, identity protection, banking, and investing. It's fun, it's cost-effective, it works.

Assumptions that working adults know how to manage their personal finances are highly misleading. Of U.S. adults, 41% give themselves a grade of C or below on their knowledge of personal finances. This impacts your organization. More than 75% of employees say financial advice and guidance programs would improve their productivity at work (MetLife, 2010) and one in every 3 to 4 employees is financially stressed to the point of costing their employer $2000 in lost productivity, absenteeism and increased health problems (Dr. E.T.Garman, Personal Finance Employee Education Foundation)

Partnering Success: The Challenge

Partnering Success: The Challenge

Are you looking for a novel way to engage employees in improving vendor and outsourcing relationships? Have them play Partnering Success: The Challenge. It is a proven learning tool that gives players new insights into ways to enhance partner relationships quickly and efficiently for long-term success. Useful as well to kick-off a long-term project with those involved because it raises issues for discussion and consideration before they become problems.


Matching Meanings! is a fast-paced team card game to teach or review technical terms. This game has been used with great success with large, international audiences.

Each set take about 5 minutes per round. Choose from four sets that cover: clinical pharmacology, general clinical terminology, medical prefixes and suffixes, and medical terminology,

Matching Meanings game kits come with a facilitator guide, terms and definitions Master Sheet, and two card decks: one for Terms and one for Definitions.


Matching Meanings! is a team-based fun, fast-paced card game to teach or review financial terms. Use it alone to teach or review financial terminology or as an introduction to the Wise Money Educators’ Edition board game. 

Each set take about 5 minutes per round. The Matching Meanings game box comes with a Teacher’s Guide and

  • Cards cover Banking, Investing, Budgeting, Payday, Financing, Credit and Identity Theft.
  • Terms and Definitions Master Sheet
  • Two Card Decks: One for Terms, One for Definitions
Foundations: The Project Management Simulation

Foundations: The Project Management Simulation™

Project management training can leave participants overwhelmed with new techniques and little understanding of when and how to use them. In this simulation participants take the roles of project team members and manage a project through its life cycle. Focus is on when and how to use project processes and tools. Typical project obstacles, such as conflicts in team member priorities and specification changes, are provided to simulate reality and provide roadblocks to handle. Use as a stand-alone simulation or incorporate into PM training.

Teams that Cook

Teams That Cook®

Teams That Cook is the "how to" resource to create a unique team experience where preparing and enjoying good food is the focus. Incorporate Teams that Cook into a team-building program, as a stand-alone event, or integrate with a business meeting for a lunch or dinner. Sessions are typically two to three hours and are ideal for large or small groups.

The book includes initial planning options, set-up, handouts for duplication, sample themes with menus and recipes, and other suggestions.

The House that Cards Built

The House That Cards Built

Use this 30-minute change-management simulation as a stand-alone activity or as part of a workshop. With just playing cards and paper, it illustrates important components of change and is appropriate for groups of 16 to 40. Participants experience the dynamics of a workplace change and the common emotional stages and reactions to change.

Facilitation tools

Interpra Cards

Interpra® Cards

Interpra Cards are a unique facilitation tool to broaden awareness and debrief content of workshops and meetings. Each deck of original picture cards is designed to create an environment for metaphorical learning and concrete applications.

The three decks are Communication and Negotiation, Teamwork, and Interpersonal. Use them in many different ways. For example, ask participants to find one or more cards representing their answer to a question or to express their understanding of a topic.

Picture That!

Picture That

Picture That gives trainers and facilitators an alternative to using role play in complex situations. In 20 to 30 minutes, participant apply principles and skills on any topic. Use it to create the same dynamics that participants experience at work, including competition, level of engagement, conflict, problem solving, creativity, and time pressures. It helps participants apply their knowledge and provide a forum for  discussing how they collaborated to achieve their goal.

Use 12 people per deck of picture cards in teams of two to three people. One set of Interpra Cards is included.


The Pharmaceutical Business

The Pharmaceutical Business, 2nd Edition

A comprehensive, easy-to-understand guide to the business of developing pharmaceutical products. Ideal for new and experienced pharmaceutical employees or those who want to better understand the drug development process.

Strategic Partnering

Strategic Partnering

This book provides a high-level overview of five key stages to build strong partnerships and includes proven strategies and checkpoints for each stage. Use as a stand-alone reference or as a companion to the team-based board game Partnering Success: The Challenge.

Take Control Using GMPs

Take Control Using GMPs

This readable, easy-to-understand booklet covers current good pharmaceutical manufacturing practice regulations in the Code of Federal Regulations CFR 210-211.


Teams that Cook

Teams That Cook®

Teams That Cook is the "how to" resource to create a unique team experience where preparing and enjoying good food is the focus. Incorporate Teams that Cook into a team-building program, as a stand-alone event, or integrate with a business meeting for a lunch or dinner. Sessions are typically two to three hours and are ideal for large or small groups.

Hold a Teams That Cook event at your site, a hotel, or at a B&B. The book includes initial planning, many options, set-up, handouts for duplication, sample themes with menus and recipes, and other suggestions. 

A Guide to Success for Technical managers

A Guide to Success for Technical Managers

This readable book is for those who are now, or who want to be, supervisors in R&D. Chapters cover: Transitions, Motivation, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Communication Pitfalls and Strategies, Managing Performance, Delegation, Coaching, Managing Groups, Teams and Meetings, Creativity and Innovation, Managing Projects and Decisions, and Managing Up. Also included is a 52-week Leadership Journal with suggestions for  skill development.

Ready-to-use programs

Team Skills Foundations

Team Skill Foundations

Team Skill Foundations if designed for those who need to rely on others to succeed in their own jobs. An overview program to focus learning opportunities for skill improvement and self development, it includes team dynamics and productivity, group decision making and communication - including conflict and empathic listening. 

Project Management Basics

Project Management Basics

This proven program has been delivered throughout the U.S. and Europe. Project Management Basics covers the skills and tools of managing successful projects. It also includes planning techniques appropriate in situations with high levels of uncertainty which requiring adaptive and contingent planning. Exercises and applications build awareness and skills. Using a simulation, participants manage a complete project during the program and apply and practice the tools introduced. Can be delivered in two to four days.

Managing in R&D

Managing in R&D

Designed by an experienced R&D manager and delivered many hundreds of times in the U.S. and Europe, this program helps technical supervisors recognize key transition issues and build the skills to manage others. Simulations, case examples, exercises, role plays, and other activities create a fast-paced learning environment. Focus is on how to enhance relationship skills, create a motivating climate, improve performance management, and better delegate. Also included is the Manager-Supervisor Inventory.

Useful for new and experienced managers and supervisors.