Custom Game Design

The Learning Key® has been a pioneer in designing custom learning-focused games for more than two decades. Our games provide impact fun, and longevity to serve many applications. The use of serious games has grown dramatically in recent years, becoming a common strategy to achieve business objectives.  Our approach 

Board Games

The games developed by The Learning Key are effective because they serve a serious purpose, have lasting impact, and provide enough variety and challenge so they can be used and replayed for years, The format makes it easy to keep the game current.  Our approaches are useful when you need to:

  • Communicate a new organizational strategy
  • Help employees learn and retain information about your industry, company, or products
  • Integrate operations from multiple, distant sites or newly merged organizations
  • Teach how to use a new product, process, or system
  • Explain highly technical or compliance-related information 
  • Use an engaging approach to foster discussion and practice for dealing with relevant situations

Custom Game DesignOur instructional and graphic design experts can translate your application into a powerful, visually descriptive, and colorful board game that is cost-effective, entertaining, and provides the results you need. Whether as a stand-alone product or as part of an existing program or current initiative, we can deliver the right solution for you. Our  team-based board games are a great way to:

  • Facilitate active learning in a practical, “painless” way
  • Translate dry, complex information – making it interesting and memorable
  • Build team spirit and cooperation
  • Reduce dependence on an “expert”. The game and the players are the teachers. This means they require minimal staff time for faciltiation. We can design your game so that a trainer needs only to give a brief introduction or debrief, freeing staff time for other projects.
  • Encourage teams to work together in solving problems, taking risks, and making decisions

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Learning Tools

The Learning Key has created learning activities for hundreds of corporations, non-profit organizations, and educational institutions. Common elements are engagement, communication, and team play. Why? Because learning is reinforced when it is a team activity - hence our slogan, Play for Performance®.

Interactive learning tools are a mechanism for people to share best practices, experience, and stories without the usual baggage and complications. They invite discussion, problem solving, and competition which drives engagement.

The team-play activities we create offer a variety of team building and human resource possibilities. The best part of team play is the reinforcement that you don’t win or lose alone – much like real life.

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